Is Eyelid Surgery for Cosmetic Purposes?

Eyelid surgery is a procedure that addresses cosmetic concerns and can address complications with vision. The majority of patients seek treatment due to the embarrassment related to their appearance. Eyelid surgery effectively rejuvenates loose skin or corrects the signs of ptosis. Sometimes these complications only exist in one eye and can create a feeling of self-consciousness in the patient.

On the other hand, a severely sagging lid can hang so low that it actually obstructs vision to a certain degree. Although it may begin as a minor complication, it can become dangerous to have limited vision when operating a vehicle or in certain professions. Regardless of the reason you want or need an eyelid surgery, our Los Angeles plastic surgery expert can easily correct the problems and eliminate complications.

One treatment that is performed usually only for cosmetic purposes is the double eyelid procedure provided to Asian patients. This specific type of cosmetic eyelid surgery in Los Angeles also offers rejuvenation if the patient is suffering from aging signs. Our surgeon offers eyelid treatments to patients that provide a way to achieve functional and cosmetic goals as desired. Start by scheduling an initial consultation to have your concerns examined, so that you can begin moving forward with the process of eyelid surgery.


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