Are There Any Side Effects to Lip Augmentation?

Every surgery has a risk of side effects and complications, including a simple lip augmentation. If you choose to have temporary fillers, the chance of side effects is so low that it is almost non-existent. Hyaluronic acid that is injected into the lips is a substance that agrees with most people because it occurs naturally in the body already. This only leaves a small chance that the patient has a reaction to an anesthetic if any is requested. The spots that the needle penetrates the skin may appear red, sore, or slightly raised for a couple of days, but our facial surgeon in Beverly Hills considers this a completely normal reaction.

If a soft implant is placed in the lips, there is more risk for side effects due to the incisions. The area is more vulnerable to infections from the open wound, but patients should not be concerned if they take adequate care as instructed. There is a risk that the body will reject the implant, and our expert in lip augmentation surgery in Beverly Hills recommends immediately having it removed if this happens. As long as you trust a reputable surgeon with your enhancement, there is no reason for you to be concerned with serious side effects.


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