Is Tummy Tuck Surgery Really Effective?

A patient that has excess skin, fat, and stomach tissue is going to find that a tummy tuck is highly effective at restoring a more attractive appearance. People that have lost a significant amount of weight, or women that have had children, might end up with loose skin that does not shrink back to normal. By removing a portion of this loose skin and fat, our expert in tummy tuck surgery in Beverly Hills is able to create a flattened abdominal area for the patient.

Long term effectiveness of a tummy tuck is up to the person that is responsible for maintaining a steady weight, because fluctuations will cause the skin to expand and potentially sag as much as it did before the surgery. There is some degree of scarring that is expected, so anyone with minor sagging might want to consider alternatives through the help of our expert in laser plastic surgery in Beverly Hills. Otherwise, taking good care during recovery and giving the body adequate time to heal at its own pace will make the scars fade until they are not noticeable. Meet with the surgeon to discuss your options and find out if a tummy tuck is the best option for your condition.


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