Is a Facelift Right for Me?

Every single person is different, and the rate of facial skin aging will vary greatly. Even if you have a strict skin care regimen that you follow, in addition to avoiding excessive sun exposure, there is little a patient can do to prevent it. If you’re feeling depressed and self-conscious about the condition of your skin then it might be time to consider a facelift. Once skin starts to sag and wrinkle, surgery might be the only right solution to permanently fix the problem.

When you go in for a consultation with the doctor, it’s a good opportunity to observe facelift before and after pictures to see if you’re really ready for surgery. There is not a certain age that you must be considering some begin to have major sagging years before others with a similar lifestyle. One requirement of our expert in facelift surgery in Beverly Hills is that the patient is in good health both mentally and physically. As long as you are personally ready to commit to a facelift, then you will be considered an ideal candidate for treatment. Speak with the surgeon soon to find out if you have a condition worth correcting through a facelift surgery.


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