How are Lips Enhanced with Surgery?

Lip enhancement options have become safer and more attractive in more recent years, especially with the introduction of filler materials. While it is also possible to have a permanent augmentation through the insertion of a small implant, the expert in lip enhancement in Los Angeles usually prefers hyaluronic acid injections. The concern with any implants is the chance that the body decides to reject it once it detects a foreign object is present. Filler does not have the same risks because it is created from a solution that is compatible with the body.

Someone that wants dramatically puffy lips may require up to 2 full syringes of material to achieve the look they want from our technique. A more modest enhancement is often achieved with a single syringe if not a bit less to avoid too much inflation. The patient is awake and alert to communicate through the procedure with the facial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. A small amount is injected and then smoothed to remove any lumps as an additional precaution before adding more. Patients do not usually experience noticeable side effects aside from temporary redness around the lips and mild soreness that should fade within a couple of days.


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