Is Eyelid Revision Surgery Effective?

If you have experienced an eyelid surgery that did not turn out as attractive as expected, it is natural to wonder if a revision is going to give any better results. A revision, much like the original surgery, is only going to be as effective as the skill of the surgeon. If you work with our Beverly Hills eyelid surgery expert, you will have significantly better results than trusting an inexperienced doctor that has not had adequate time spent with real patients.

The other factor you need to consider to figure out the effectiveness of a revision involves an evaluation of the original results. Asymmetry is one of the most common problems that comes from this type of surgery if one side does not heal properly or there is a complication during the procedure. Whether results are too dramatic or barely noticeable, our expert in upper eyelid revision surgery in Beverly Hills is able to provide an effective solution based on experience. As long as you have waited long enough for the tissue and skin to heal from the original trauma, there is a good chance that the revision surgery is going to be highly successful in giving you the results you wanted the first time.


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