Recovery from Facelift

Any facelift patient should take the time to become as educated as possible about the surgery and aftercare of their procedure. The facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills has the duty of making sure that the actual treatment is successful, but the patient is responsible for making sure that they understand the details involved in recovery. Some expect instant gratification as they return home without considering the amount of healing the body must go through. As long as you pay attention to the instructions and advice provided by your surgeon, there is no reason that major complications should arise at any point in the aftercare phase.

Plenty of rest is the most obvious and important part of adjusting after any cosmetic surgery as the body is getting adjusted to any changes. Maintaining head elevation above the heart, especially when sleeping, is going to keep swelling from getting out of control. Any incisions need to stay clean and dry because the wounds are susceptible to infection if neglected. Antibiotics prescribed by the expert in facelift surgery in Beverly Hills need to be taken as a precaution so that there are no issues that cause a prolonged time spent resting in the recovery phase of treatment.


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