Why to Get Lip Augmentation

Girls that are born with a naturally full pout are often viewed as more seductive or feminine than someone with small, flat lips. Wasting money trying out the newest lip plumper or suction device is not going to get you the results you want. A very temporary fullness that wears off after an hour or two is nowhere near as effective an actual lip augmentation. Any potential patient needs to evaluate how much time and money it would save to go with professional treatment. Not only is the Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon able to offer a product that lasts almost an entire year, expertise in giving the treatment ensures an attractive result.

Plumpers and suction devices work by irritating the sensitive lip tissue, causing discomfort without much result to show for it. A lip augmentation is completed in as little as an hour with emphasis on smoothing the material for a natural look. There is not much pain aside from a mild discomfort in the areas that are penetrated by the needle. If requested, our expert in lip augmentation surgery in Beverly Hills is able to use a topical anesthetic to provide a painless procedure that is well worth the small investment.


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