When is Facelift Revision Necessary?

When most people think about a dramatic facelift that produced undesirable results, they immediately think of the people that are left with a permanently surprised look on their face. The urgency to smooth wrinkles and lift relaxed skin must be done with care to prevent the signs of major over-correction. Every treatment provided by our expert in facelift surgery in Beverly Hills is performed with an emphasis on creating a natural looking rejuvenation. Removing too much skin or pulling the face too tight creates an unattractive transformation that does not look natural at all.

In addition to unattractive aesthetics, an aggressive facelift often causes more bothersome complications for the suffering patient. When skin is too tight to relax, it is irritating or painful on top of looking strange. Problems closing the eyes are another reason that revision would be necessary because it can lead to irritation and infections. Patients usually experience a bit of concern immediately following a facelift when they are dealing with the puffiness and tight feeling during recovery. If you ever suspect that there is a problem with the surgery itself, such as an over-correction, schedule an examination with the expert in facelift revision surgery in Beverly Hills.


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