Purpose of Upper Eyelid Lift

Individuals that choose to have surgery to improve the appearance of their upper eyelids may have different goals in treatment. The purpose of this particular surgery is almost always aesthetic, but it also helps get rid of excess skin that hangs in the way of vision. Some patients may have multiple goals, such as getting rid of bulky tissue while also correcting a problem with asymmetry. Asian people that have a single eyelid find that an eyelid lift along with the creation of a crease is the only way to make a permanent double eyelid. No matter why you are considering surgery, our expert in upper eyelid lift in Beverly Hills can give great results through treatment.

An upper lid lift is perfect for anyone that has a constantly tired or angry look due to the loose skin. When the expert in eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills creates the incision, it is possible to have the area thinned through removal of unnecessary bulky tissues and fat. It is completely safe to remove along with trimming away skin to pull the eyelid and surrounding wrinkles tighter. In cases of asymmetry alone, the surgeon may only operate on one eyelid to achieve a more even look.


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