How are Cheeks Lifted?

A flattened appearance in the cheek area is one of the earliest and most embarrassing signs of premature aging. The only solution is for our facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills to raise the malar fat pad to the higher position it was in to begin with. A cheek lift is performed with the creation of minor incisions often hidden in the hairline or ear area to access the fat pad. It is gently adjusted closer to the lower eyelid on each side and then held in place by sutures. Another technique involves placing a tiny suspension system beneath the skin so that the malar pad can be gradually lifted until it is sitting in the desired position.

Filler injections are often a part of the treatment plan for cheek rejuvenation to emphasize the attractive contours. Once the fat pads are in their new placement, the additional material is able to take care of any hollowness or deep wrinkles that are not corrected in the original procedure. If there is excess sagging in the jowl area or under the chin, our surgeon can eliminate skin as needed. Different options offered by our expert in cheek lift surgery in Beverly Hills are provided based on the needs and desires of a patient.


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