Procedures for Improving Eyelids

No amount of caked-on makeup is sufficient enough to hide the evidence of drooping eyelids. The main procedure our Los Angeles facial plastic surgeon uses to improve eyelids is a lifting technique. It is often the best choice if there is major loose skin and bulky underlying tissue adding to the weight. Another lifting option if there is minor sagging that begins as high as the brow bone requires incisions in the hairline. Figuring out which type of procedure is best will be determined during the initial consultation with our expert in upper eyelid procedure in Los Angeles.

Every patient ages in a different way and at a variable rate, so the best way to find out all of your options is to have a full examination of the eyelid area. If a patient has major forehead wrinkles and signs of sagging that rest in the eyelid area, it is usually best to begin the rejuvenation in the hairline. As the forehead and brow are lifted and tightened, the upper eyelid area will benefit as well. An upper eyelid lift is a better option if the forehead and eyebrow area do not show major signs of aging. Incisions are created in the crease of the top lid so that the surgeon can eliminate fat and extra skin causing the diminished appearance.


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