What is Double Eyelid Surgery?

The treatment provided to a patient to create a defined eyelid crease is referred to as a double eyelid surgery. It involves Asian patients that are born with a single eyelid that may be severely obstructing vision or creating an aesthetic insecurity. The process is not intended to completely change the unique shape of the eye. Instead, it provides greater functionality as the end result. An examination provided by the expert in double eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills is necessary to figure out which techniques are available to a patient.

A double suture technique is the least invasive option, with the most advantages for the patient. Side effects are minimal and healing time is much faster than the other techniques. If sutures are not adequate, a partial or full incision is required to create the defined double eyelid crease. When cutting is necessary, the healing time is increased along with the risk of infection if not cared for properly. The creation of a double eyelid does not leave obvious scarring, no matter which technique is used by the Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon because the cutting or sutures are placed in a way that the new crease naturally masks the appearance.


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